An advantage of having a large database of singers, especially in London, means it is easy to put together singers for recording sessions. Hire My Choir has provided singers for commercial recordings as well as put together one off recording sessions for composers wanting their pieces recorded by professional singers.

Session Singers

Hire My Choir are perfect if you’re recording a track, album or advert and are in need of a choir to sing. We will tailor the choir to fit your needs, whether it be upper or lower voices, four singers or twenty-four.

We provided six female singers for’s Christmas advert in 2016. This also involved writing out the music in notation from the audio tracks originally provided by the composer. Hire My Choir will go the extra mile to make sure the session runs efficiently using our expert musical skills and experience.

“The session went far more smoothly than we could have hoped for and you were all a dream to work with – so a huge thank you!” Ross, The Sound Works

Composition Recording

So far Hire My Choir has recorded compositions sent to us from all over the world including The Isle of Man, Portugal and China.  This is different from a session recording because it is not done in a pre-organised studio by a professional recording company but is organised, conducted, recorded and edited by Hire My Choir creator, Thomas Chapman.  What we offer here is a cheaper alternative to paying costly studio and studio engineer fees as we do not provide multi-microphone surround sound production. However it is better than just recording your piece from a live one off performance as we’ll do as many takes as necessary to get it just right, and edit it afterwards to make it perfect.


If you are interested in this then get in contact. Quotes will vary depending on the size of the choir needed and the length and difficulty of the music.

“I have listened to the recordings and they are wonderful.  Next time you see the choristers please do let them know how very pleased I am with the recording.” Rich, Isle of Man