Featured Events


Since Hire My Choir began in 2013 we have provided countless singers for weddings, funerals, marriage proposals, christmas events and many more occasions; each one totally unique and special.

On this page we’d like to share with you a couple of really exciting ventures that Hire My Choir have provided the singers for.

In December 2013 we sent 8 singers over to the UK Festival Awards to fill in for Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams who weren’t able to attend. This is a pre-show backstage rehearsal of what they sang when the¬†award for ‘Anthem of the Summer’ was announced.

We were very excited to be involved in the making of Very.co.uk’s 2016 Christmas Advert. We provided the female singers which you can hear in the soundtrack to the advert – including the high ‘treble’. (But Shhhh! – that was in fact one of our female sopranos in disguise, can you tell?)

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